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Laser Sources offers a wide range of laser related optics from our stock of surplus components.

Why buy from Laser Sources? We have a wide range at low prices – some parts would be difficult to source elsewhere without committing to the cost of a batch build or coating run. Whether you need an optic fast, a one off optic or a range of optics with different curvature, reflectivity etc., browse our range or contact us with your requirements.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. We offer you 15 days from shipment to inspect your purchase. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, simply contact us to return for a replacement or refund.

Have a question about a particular part? Contact us for more detailed technical specification –we have the original manufacturer’s data on many of the items in stock or use the form below

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Featured Products 
NdVO4 Laser Rod
Part 1225129YA
  • 4mm dia. x 10mm long
  • 0.5% Nd doped
  • HT 808nm/ AR 1064nm
  • £140 each 
  • 5+ only £112 each
  • 10+ only £98 each
 2" Optical Window
Part B820-0017-00 
  • 50.8mm dia. x3mm thick
  • Fused Silica substrate
  • AR/AR 1064nm
  • £15 each
  • 20 for £250
 End Pump Mirror 
Part 1222176YA
  • 25.4mm dia. x3mm thick
  • HT 808nm/HR 1064nm
  • £25 each 
  • 5 for £100
 Side Pump Lens
Part 1231278SA 
  • 25.4mm sq x3mm thick
  • Fused Silica substrate
  • AR/AR 1064nm
  • £25 each
  • 10 for £180
 Nd:YAG Rod
Part Y25OP
  • 4mm dia. x103.5mm
  • 1.1% Nd doping
  • AR/AR 1064nm
  • parallel ends
  • Optimax Grade 
  • £190 each
  • 5+ only £133 each
  • 10+ only £114 each

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