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Laser Pump Diodes 


30W Fibre Coupled High Power Laser Diode Bars (808nm)

These fibre-coupled diodes, manufactured by Spectra Physics in 2004 - 2005, consist of a diode laser bar (linear array) made up of number of individual emitters, each coupled in to a small diameter fibre. The individual fibres form a low NA fibre bundle, offering a low cone angle and high brightness output.

With an operating wavelength around 808nm, these diodes are suited to pumping Nd:Yag or Nd:VO4 solid state lasers. They can be temperature tuned (within the operating temperature window of 20oC to 35oC) and have typical wavelength/temperature coefficient of 0.2-0.3nm/ oC. Our stock includes devices with a centroid wavelength at a thermistor temperature of 30oC in the range from 805.5nm to 811.0nm.

We have the manufacturer’s original test data for many of the diodes that we have in stock.

 Centroid Wavelength at 30oC

808nm +/- 3nm  

 Typical Spectral Width (FWHM)


 Output Power

30 Watts

 Typical threshold current

7.3 Amps

 Typical operating current (30W output)  

39.2 Amps

 Fibre Aperture Diameter


 Wavelength/temperature coefficient

0.2-0.3nm/ oC
 Original Part Number
Output centred at 810.70nm @30oC
Ithr=8.46A, 30W@46.5
Tunes to 808nm ~ 23.5oC 

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40W FAC Laser Diode Conduction Cooled Single Bar Package

Manufactured by Coherent Inc. in 2006 under part number B1-808-40C-19-30 A/L, these 1cm long bars have 19 emitters with a 30% fill factor. They emit at 808 +/-3nm when operated at 30oC. The bar is fitted with a lens to provide fast axis collimation. The unit must be mounted on an appropriate heatsink to remove heat.
 Centroid Wavelength at 30oC
 808nm +/- 2nm    
 Typical Spectral Width (FWHM)
 Output Power
40 Watts
 Output Power (lensed)
36 Watts
 Typical threshold current
8 Amps
 Typical operating current (30W output)    
42 Amps
 Wavelength/temperature coefficient
0.2-0.3nm/ oC
 Original Part Number   
Supplied in the original Coherent sealed anti-static box and bag
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30W Fibre Coupled Diode Laser

Manufactured in 2006 by Jenoptik under the part number JOLD-30-CPXF-1L,  these high power diodes are suitable for pumping Nd:Yag and Nd:VO4 solid state lasers or for direct material processing. An SMA connector allows connection of a 400µm core, 0.22NA fibre (not included). 


Maximum Optical Output Power


Centre Wavelength at 25 °C

808nm +/3nm

Typical Spectral Bandwidth

3nm (FWHM)

Maximum Spectral Bandwidth

4nm (FWHM)

Typical Operation Current


Maximum Operation Current


Typical Threshold Current


Maximum Threshold Current

10 A

Typical Slope

0.90 W/A

Minimum Slope

0.75 W/A

Maximum Operating Voltage

2 V

Fibre Connector

F-SMA 905

Fibre core/NA (not included)

400µm/ 0.22

Original Part Number
Supplied in the original Jenoptik sealed anti-static bag

Also have one in opened bag (to take photograph here!)
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