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 Nd Vanadate (NdVO4) Laser Rod - 4mmФx10mm Long, 0.5%Nd

These laser rods have been manufactured by VLOC and are supplied in their original sealed box.
The laser crystal material is Neodynium Vanadate (NdVO4)
They are typically used in end pumped, diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL)
Vanadate lasers typically lase at 1064nm, so these rods are AR coated at this laser wavelength as well as the preferred pump wavelength of 808nm.
Technical Specifications
Laser Material
Crystal Cut  
c axis indicated on barrel
Doping Level (Nd)  
0.45-0.55% Nd
End Surfaces
10-5 Scratch-Dig
Flatness lambda/10 over 90% aperture
Perpendicular to axis within +/-5 arc minutes
Coatings (both ends)
AR@810nm (R<1.0%) and
AR@1064nm (R<0.2%)
Rod Dimensions
Diameter 4.00-4.05mm
Length    10.0-10.1mm

£140 each
£112 each
£98 each

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